Your income allows you to maintain a way of living, paying the bills, saving for the future and enjoying life’s simple pleasures. Basically, it provides the foundation for your lifestyle.

  • What if you couldn’t work anymore?
  • What happens to your income?
  • How long could you go without a paycheck?
  • How much money do you have saved to pay your rent or the mortgage and other household expenses when your paycheck stops?

Your income is one of your most valuable assets – help protect it with Disability Income

Disability Income Insurance provides a monthly benefit to help you pay your basic expenses should you become sick, hurt or disabled.   Disability income insurance can help ease the financial difficulty and challenges associated with an illness or injury that prevents you from working to earn your paycheck. Disability insurance not only helps alleviate these common worries, but can make a world of difference to those who own a policy. With a variety of flexible options available,  we’re certain you can find a plan that’s right for you.

  • Disabilities That Are Illnesses, Not Accidents. 90%
  • People Concerned About How They Would Support Themselves If Injured 51%
  • Percentage Of The Workforce That Own Disability Insurance 26%